Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Proteste in Rhodos-Stadt

Und ich erlaube mir einen Kommentar eines Lesers (Grieche, aber nicht in Griechenland lebend) der “Rodiaki” hier einzustellen.
“Can someone who knows explain why it must strike all the time, I know that many are lost down their benefits and reduction in salary, but it helps not to strike. The whole world knows that Greece did not have money, that it is too generous conditions for ordinary workers, better than most countries that have better economy.
As I who live outside Greece sees every year when I'm there because they are everyone's fault that it has been like this in greece.
you can not pay no tax, no give or take a receipt, many are taking bribes, many cheat, ignore laws.
and many you are dealing with is actually the people who work for the state, those who go on strike now.
What is the solution do you / they who live in greece? that all state employees retain their high salaries and generous terms, and in many cases for many employees.
Who shall pay all wages if there is any money or that someone pays taxes.
Can someone explain?, To blame the politicians are no answers there are always politicians and even ordinary people who cheat as a serious answer please.”

Wie recht der Mann hat.
Die Fluglotsen beendeten ihren Streik heute nach 12 Stunden. Das Chaos wird aber weitergehen.